Location + Hours

Our Address is:

1130 Main St. Unit D,

Philomath, OR 97370


We  are located in the alley between 12th, and 11th st, left turn off of main st.

Additional parking is available on 12th st.

Class Descriptions

Jiu Jitsu Technique Class

We start with a stretch and roll-out session, then a group warmup. Once everyone is ready to go, we move into technique instruction and drills, dividing the group up into beginner and advanced skill groups. Each group receives instruction on a similar technical focus, but at their appropriate level. Technique instruction cycles through our comprehensive system of levels and stages from the basics to the most advanced. At the fundamentals level we focus on the core fundamental movements and techniques on which the rest of the system is built. At the advanced level we focus on the standup clinch and takedown defense game, and how it integrates with modern guard passing, sweeping, and ground submissions.

Roll Session/Q&A

After technical instruction, we break off into the roll session, and Q&A/troubleshooting time. Often times we start in positional rolls based on the techniques we learned in class, then move to free rolls.

Striking Class

Class starts with stretching and group warmup before moving into technical instruction. It is all levels, and we coach our more-experienced students to mentor less-experienced students, and tailor workouts so everyone can work at their own level. We go over Muay Thai and Boxing techniques in each class, and place emphasis on how the striking techniques tie into MMA, with clinch, takedowns, trips and sweeps, and catching kicks.

Competition Training

This is a time for the competitors to get their training, whether it is for a MMA fight or a jiu jitsu competition. Students who want to support their competing students by training with them can train at this time as well.


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