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IPFS is an innovative, comprehensive, and dynamic mixed martial arts technical development and competition training program focused on injury prevention and training longevity first and foremost. 

The IPFS Programs are designed for the MMA competition team as well as non-competition students from all walks of life. Students with zero previous experience will excel as well as those with a previous training background. We specialize in developing safe training methods to allow for skill development in otherwise dangerous areas of fighting, such as Judo throwing and the interplay of striking and grappling. 

SYSTEM OF LEVELS AND STAGES: The Fundamentals Level is based on a foundation of wrestling and boxing basics, focusing on the core fundamental movements and techniques on which the rest of the system is built.

NO GI JUDO: OUR ADVANCED GAME: The Advanced level is based on an advanced submission wrestling style that is a takedown-oriented and inspired by the historical Japanese martial arts. Essentially, our advanced game is a standup clinch and takedown defense system that is fully integrated with modern guard passing, sweeping, and ground submissions, and which emphasizes leg locks; providing a seamless blend of standing and ground game.


Small town community instructor and fight coach, developing innovative Judo-inspired No-Gi Submission Grappling and Clinch-Striking Muay Thai styles. 

Justin has been a professional instructor as his main occupation since 2012. He earned his Judo and Traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu Black Belt in 2010, and his BJJ Brown Belt in Dec. 2014. Justin won gold in State Games of Oregon, achieved amateur MMA championship in 2015, and did his first Pro MMA fight in 2016.

He trained striking from a young age and as a teen competed in “underground” garage smokers for his first competition experience until entering Judo competitions, BJJ competitions, and eventually MMA fights. Through his competition experience he found that conventional MMA wasn’t enough – his traditional Judo and Japanese Jiu Jitsu techniques ended up playing a pivotal roll in his MMA fights. Gradually, he shifted to developing a program that focuses on what himself and his students have been most successful with, using empirical methods to develop the program that is now known as IPFS. Now, many of Coach Justin’s students are succeeding in competition or have become professional instructors themselves.

As Justin became involved with combat sports at a more serious level, he saw that talented, high-potential athletes often dropped out or retired very early due to the attrition of high injury rates that comes with traditional training methods. Due to his own injury history and his unique view from being a coach and competing athlete simultaneously, he realized that he needed to develop a whole new, comprehensive training methodology. His system now put emphasis on a variety of recovery methods and sport-specific strength and conditioning methods, in order to optimize each students’ training longevity and overall success.  Additionally, his system has been successful in lowering the amount of head impacts taken in hard sparring by obsessively focusing on defense.

About The Fight System

IPFS – Integral Progression Fight System

An innovative technical development and competition training program focused on injury prevention and training longevity.


Justin Zabroski is Precision Martial Arts’ MMA Coach, and has been a professional instructor of Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts since 2012. He was instrumental in the development of Rise Martial Arts in Corvallis, OR (formerly Northwest Martial Arts) and co-developer of FlowTribe, now Expressive Methods Jiu Jitsu in Lakeport, CA. Justin began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Judo at age 15, as well as being influenced early on by learning Sambo (especially its takedown and leg locks style), and Wrestling. He holds a black belt in Judo, a 3rd degree black belt in a style of Kenpo Karate, and a brown belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu. He is proud to be a professional fighter in Mixed Martial Arts.

Justin lives and breathes teaching martial arts and fitness and loves working with clients of all ages and abilities. He is dedicated to the success and growth of the Precision Martial Arts MMA and No-Gi Jiu Jitsu team, and is committed to each and every student in his class; cultivating one individual success story at a time.

Justin has spent many years studying and developing the best ways to train and teach Martial Arts. He feels that the most effective training is equally challenging, safe, and enjoyable. He believes in the effectiveness of structured training, while emphasizing the importance of individual creative learning process and allowing each student to develop their own unique style. He hopes that every student will find many opportunities in their class and training time to broaden their horizons as martial artists and athletes. He maintains that Martial Arts and Jiu Jitsu training should always include a self-defense perspective, and that the students should feel safe in class and training.

Justin’s current focuses are on developing study resources for team members, coaching local competition athletes, pursuing accomplishments in pro-competition and developing the Corvallis training community. As well as developing a comprehensive MMA curriculum called IPFS (Integral Progression Fight System), and a Martial Arts-focused functional fitness system known as BioStructure. When he isn’t teaching or training, and sometimes when he is (!), he is spending time with his wife and young daughter.