Momentum Chaining

Momentum Chaining from the Bottom – Concept Breakdown

What we have in the level 3/advanced fundamentals Jiu Jitsu program is a set of techniques which connect together very well into “chains” based on the momentum of the opponent interacting with your momentum. Pretty much anywhere you end up, whatever direction your opponent is putting balance on you, there is a familiar reference point from this program curriculum. The goal for completion of this fundamentals level is to be able to connect the dots to chain your techniques from reference-point to reference point however the balance of the grappling match is going.
Largely, being able to do this comes down to simply being able to recognize the reference positions as they are happening in your roll flow – and this is a great measure for if you’ve repped out a given move adequately or not. So keep drill-repping any position that is happening too fast for you to recognize the timing of your move in tempo with the momentum of the roll-flow! When you are hitting the move in time, you have done adequate drill reps and just need to maintain the technique in your game.

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