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Belly Down to Single-Leg Loop Drill

Here, we talk about the all-important concept of having a “repetition structure” to get the muscle memory to memorize techniques and get them up to tempo. This video was filmed a week after @Nate did the first tutorial video with me on this move, and it was amazing to see the rapid progress he made by utilizing repetition drilling for memorization!

Climbing The Back – Arm Drag Loop Drill

The Level 2 Basic Fundamentals Program Curriculum has some of the most important core concepts in all of JiuJitsu. This exercise is paramount – the Arm-Drag/Climbing The Back Loop Drill (from Closed Guard). This drill builds a template that the rest of the guard curriculum, through the stripe levels, builds on – but we need to train ourselves to go right for the back attack on bottom as our FIRST attack from guard, and use submission attempts like Juji-Gatame (armbar) and Triangle Choke (Sankaku Jime) when the opponent blocks us from climbing to the back. This ensures that we have a strong SIDE-ANGLE to attack submissions from, and build back up to sweeps/getups if our sub attempts get blocked.

Getup FHL-to-Back Loop Drill VFC ONLY

Here’s the other most important guard drill of the Fundamentals – 2 Curriculum:
FHL-to-Back Loop Drill. The Getup to Sprawl-FHL-to-Back is the other main way we get to the back attack from our Closed Guard. This drill is such a huge step toward being dynamic on the mat and getting over the “stuck points” like being stuck on your back in Guard and not getting anything going. This basic structure allows us to maintain an IMMEDIATE offensive disposition from our guard. The importance in self-defense of being able to get off your back quickly and take charge vs striking should be obvious to anyone who’s watched MMA fights!

Shoulder Roll FHL-Spin to Back Drill

The goal of this loop drill, continuing from the last, is to give you enough repetition to develop the TIMING to shoulder roll early enough, right as the opponent is spinning behind you, and to PREVENT the back-take and avoid being pinned on bottom.
We immediately reverse them into our own back attack, allowing a loop-drill flow.
Expanding on our philosophy of developing multiple routes to guard recovery and earlier positional “Defenses,” ie prevention of bad positions before they are set in, the Shoulder-Roll Defense is one essential fundamental to both defend their guard pass AND their back take attempt v.s. your turtle/belly down escape & running-escape.

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